Beyond the education gained exploring the museum's gallery space is the wealth of knowledge housed in our library and archive. Researchers of all backgrounds use these resources to learn more about Jewish history at-large and in Oklahoma, culture, art, liturgical studies, family lineage, and the Holocaust.

Both the archive and library are currently undergoing a digitization process that will make these resources more widely available. At this time, however, visitors will need to make an in-person appointment to access both collections.


The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art’s Library contains over 1,950 titles. The collection is open by appointment only for in-person research with a focus on The Holocaust, Jewish Religious and Family Life, Oklahoma Jewish History, Jewish Artists and Art, and Genealogy.

Holocaust education, history, biography book collections
Jewish history, culture, art, and liturgical book collections
Fine art book collection
Markovitz Jewish Genealogy Study and Research Center

Livingston Archive

The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art’s archival collection includes personal letters, event materials, personal and event photos, ephemera, magazine and newspaper articles, vacation photos, and objects from multiple local Jewish families and businesses. The majority of the archival material is in English and Hebrew, with minor amounts in Yiddish and German.

Tulsa Jewish Family Archive
  • National Council of Jewish Women Collection
  • The Tulsa Jewish Review Collection
  • Jewish Welfare Board Publications Collection
Jewish Publication Archive
  • National Council of Jewish Women Collection
  • The Tulsa Jewish Review Collection
  • Jewish Welfare Board Publications Collection
Oklahoma Jewish History Archive
  • B’nai Emunah Collection
  • Temple Israel Collection
  • Jewish Federation of Tulsa Collection
  • Tulsa Jewish Community Charity Event Collection
  • Ardmore Jewish Community Collection
  • Enid Jewish Community Collection
  • Seminole Jewish Community Collection
  • Ponca City Jewish Community Collection
  • Oklahoma City’s Emanuel Synagogue Collection
  • Muskogee Jewish Community Collection
The Sherwin Miller’s History & Fine Art Archive
  • Fenster Gallery Slide and Photo Collection
  • Theodore Fried Collection
  • Fred Strauss Collection
  • Slides, photos, and documentation from SMMJA past exhibits

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Tulsa

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Tulsa plays a prominent role in originating many of the exhibits and programs that are held both at the Sherwin Miller Museum and elsewhere in the country.

The organization was established in September 2005 and remains the only Jewish Genealogical Society in Oklahoma. Its goals are to:

  • Pursue, encourage, and preserve Jewish family history and genealogical data.
  • Assist and promote the research of Jewish family history while elevating the status and role of genealogy in the Community.
  • Provide opportunities for sharing Jewish Genealogical information.

Yearly memberships are $18/year. All Jewish Genealogical Society members must also be current Museum members. Join the JGS today by signing up below!

If you have questions about the Jewish Genealogical Society of Tulsa, please contact Phil Goldfarb, President JGS of Tulsa at:

Education & Art Contests

The Council for Holocaust Education exists to assist and coordinate the Holocaust educational efforts of teachers and students in the greater Tulsa area and beyond. 

The Council focuses on Holocaust commemoration and education through several avenues. Among these are:

  •  Hosting the annual Interfaith Yom HaShoah Commemoration event
  •  Hosting the Kristallnacht Remembrance event
  •  Facilitating the Kristallnacht and Yom HaShoah Art Contests
  •  Facilitating the White Rose Essay Contest

We take seriously our responsibility to ensure that the lessons of the Holocaust are not forgotten. The Holocaust is more than a Jewish story. It is a pivotal event that continues to influence today’s world by addressing the consequences of bullying, bigotry, stereotyping and discrimination, and encouraging the acceptance of diversity. The poetry, art, essays, and exposure to the important lessons of the Holocaust produce benefits beyond measure.

Educational Opportunities

Purim Mask Invitational

Submission Deadline:

February 23, 2024

The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art would like to invite your school to participate in the 17th Annual Purim Mask Invitational Competition. It is the goal of the Museum to promote understanding of Jewish life and culture through learning about the Jewish holiday of Purim. Students may explore the holiday by learning about the traditions, foods, and celebration of the story of Esther and her rescue of the Jews of Persia. The winning masks will be exhibited from March 7 – May 1, 2024, at The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art. Other masks will be included in the exhibition as allowed by space and number of entries.

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2024 White Rose Memorial Contest

Submission Deadline:

March 29, 2024

The Tulsa Council for Holocaust Education’s Sixteenth Annual White Rose Memorial Essay Contest For Middle and High School Students


Consider the following: Antisemitism worldwide has sharply increased since October 7, 2023,and continues to rise. Research and describe parallels between the events leading up to the Holocaust and recent events in society today, including an example of a person or organization that has spoken out against antisemitism.

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2024 Yom Hashoah (Holocaust) Art Contest

Submission Deadline:

April 5, 2024

The Yom HaShoah Art Contest For Middle and High School Students in Oklahoma


The theme is Becoming a Witness: Doing my part to Remember the Holocaust. As Holocaust survivors are aging and passing from our midst, it is becoming the responsibility of younger generations to remember the Holocaust and share the stories of both survivors and victims. Their stories depend on us. Students are encouraged to produce artwork showing what being a witness to the Holocaust means to them.

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