The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art

Preserving and promoting Jewish heritage, culture, history and community through art and education

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“It is not only a matter, I believe, of religious observance and practice. To me, being Jewish means and has always meant being proud to be part of a people that has maintained its distinct identity for more than 2,000 years, with all the pain and torment that has been inflicted upon it”

Golda Meir, Former Prime Minister of Israel

The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art exists to preserve the cultural origins of the Jewish people and showcase its beauty through fine art, Judaica, and the triumph of the human spirit. Through our programming, education, and exhibits, visitors of all backgrounds can develop a deeper understanding of the 5,000 years of Jewish history told through both accomplishment & despair and our cultural relics & artistic flare. The Museum invites you on this expedition to learn about the best and the worst of people and show you the beauty in art and culture that are intrinsic pieces of a broader, collective Jewish human experience.

Sanditen/Kaiser Holocaust Center

Gain new perspectives on some of the world’s darkest days through the stories told from items brought to Oklahoma by refugees of the Holocaust. This experience will walk you through the events of the Holocaust in chronological order, showing how hate rises to power and how it still exists today.

Jewish Life & Culture

Explore the largest collection of Judaica in the Southwest, which includes everything from archaeological artifacts that date back to the ancient era, to contemporary fine art from artists based in Tulsa. This experience engages, educates, and entertains through exhibits based on Jewish life, culture, and heritage.

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The Museum is located in south Tulsa, only a few miles away from several other cultural attractions and Tulsa’s vibrant downtown.

2.5 mi
from Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area
4.5 mi
from the Oklahoma Aquarium
5.6 mi
from the Gathering Place
6 mi
from the Philbrook Museum of Art
6.7 mi
from Mother Road Market
7.3 mi
from downtown Tulsa