The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art


Please join us for a special night!

OCTOBER 27, 2024
~ Check back for details closer to event date~

Celebrating 50’s Tulsa! The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art will showcase Tulsa businesses, Landmarks, clothing, and so much more for the Museum’s 58th Year. We will be updating this page and as we move toward this event, please continue to visit this page and get all the updates.  

Celebrate progress . . .

The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art is the cornerstone of Holocaust education in Oklahoma. Recent legislation ensuring that the State’s public school students are educated about the largest act of genocide in world history tasks the Museum with providing tools for that curriculum.

The landmark bill establishes the needed momentum to further engage our visitors and expand our educational and programming objectives.

Your continued support and generosity have advanced our goals and sustained this mission. Please join us to celebrate our progress and help further enhance the future of Holocaust education.

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" . . . it may very well be my favorite museum . . ."

"I took a group of 31 teenagers last week through the museum. I can’t stop talking about not only the hospitality of the staff, but also the accommodations they made for our large group. Those things coupled with such amazing exhibits, it may very well be my favorite museum at this time. Definitely worth the visit."

// Lacey Henderson, July 2023


The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art exists to preserve the cultural origins of the Jewish people and showcase its beauty through fine art, Judaica, and the triumph of the human spirit. Through our programming, education, and exhibits, visitors of all backgrounds can develop a deeper understanding of the 5,000 years of Jewish history told through both accomplishment & despair and our cultural relics & artistic flare. The Museum invites you on this expedition to learn about the best and the worst of people and show you the beauty in art and culture that are intrinsic pieces of a broader, collective Jewish human experience.